Get to Know Me

What started out
as a love affair with
business turned into a
love affair with LIFE.

I have had a beautiful, wonderful, wild life so far full of ups and downs, growth, accomplishments and happiness.

I want to be REAL, HONEST & RAW about my journey to success. No, it wasn't "luck", and it wasn't "by chance".

I have built my empire based on a strong foundation, solid building blocks, hard work and dedication. And you can, too.

Your passion… Your ideas… Your potential… Unrealized.

It’s the gap between knowing you’re meant for more and knowing how to achieve it.

Once, I was there too. I lacked direction.

I had always been motivated and ambitious to create something BIG… I just didn’t have enough clarity to transform my dreams and ideas into a plan.

But I knew it was possible. I’d seen my father do it. As a very successful entrepreneur, he has given our family not only the necessities but also the comforts and opportunities that I knew I wanted to be able to give my family.

Even then, I recognized family as our highest calling. For all of us. And I had a picture in my mind of what my life with my family would be… with abundance, travel, and freedom.

I got to rise to that calling sooner than I had planned and I learned I had a little one on the way. That moment that changed everything for me.

I realized creating the life I wanted was up to me. My drive and ambition reached new heights as I gained clarity on the life I wanted to create. For me. And for us.

During college, I got a corporate job in marketing and sales training.

I was young, but I had the wisdom to know the importance of mastery. So, even though I knew entrepreneurship was in my blood, I also knew I needed mentorship to develop my expertise.

And corporate wasn't the only place I found it. I sought out mentors I respected... Business owners who had already accomplished my vision for the future.

And through that guidance, I committed to building MY business. To living MY passion. And to realizing MY potential.

With my eye for design, I started my marketing agency. With my ironclad discipline, I made it a success. This flagship business eventually seeded my ability to grow more. To build more. And to achieve even more.

Now, I run and oversee many successful businesses. I invest in entrepreneurs so that they can transform their big ideas into reality. And I coach others who are committed to finding their purpose and creating their own success but just don’t know how.

Through my businesses and my investments, I’ve branched out into many industries including: technology, real estate, retail, health and wellness, apparel, tourism, and construction. Most recently, successfully taking one of my newest start-up companies from $0 Day 1 to over $500,000 by month 9.

Because what I discovered is that my purpose isn’t in any particular industry. My purpose is helping others. It’s investing in people through time, energy, and sometimes money, and mentoring them to help them bring their ideas to life.

Yes, starting and running a business is hard work, but if you are willing to commit, you can be successful.

And I can show you how to do it.